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The RED System

The RED System is a service offered by the TGSS to companies, groups of companies and professionals. Its mission is to permit the interchange of information and documents between the two (TGSS and users) over the INTERNET.

By this procedure, users can contact the TGSS directly, accessing details on the company and workers, and will submit telematically the contribution and affiliation documents and medical certificates for leave, without needing to travel to the offices and at any time of day, also avoiding the use of paper.

The required fields of action are:

  • Affiliation: affiliation, termination and data changes for workers, and requesting and consulting reports on workers and companies.
  • Contributions: submitting documents (Payroll Report), processing of balances owed, and paying in contributions by direct debit or electronic payment.
  • Sending medical discharge and sick leave certificates for Work-Related Injuries and Occupational Diseases and confirmation reports to the National Institute of Social Security.

The system offers general and particular information for inclusion in the RED System, and theoretical and practical support and training.

A telephone support and management system is available to users through a single national telephone number, providing support from 9 am to 7 pm, electronic data transfer 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and an online connection to the Social Security database from 8 am to 8 pm on working days.

RED Direct is a service that the Treasury General of the Social Security offers small companies with 15 or fewer workers, via the Internet using the Social Security website.

  •  The aim of the RED Direct System is similar to the normal RED System: To eliminate paper-based administrative management, making the relationship between companies and the TGSS quicker and easier, without having to travel to its offices in person. RED Direct has another advantage: contribution documents for completion are presented using the affiliation data the TGSS already has, thus avoiding errors and maintaining a permanent revision and control of this.

You enter the RED Direct system in different ways, depending on the Digital Certificate that you are going to work with:

The TGSS and the user communicate, within this System, by means of messages sent to a personal mailbox to which the user connects directly via the Internet.

Through the RED Direct System you can use the same functions as with the normal RED System, regarding affiliation and contributions, although it is always direct or online. In addition, it allows you to submit medical reports beginning, ending and confirming medical leave due to professional or common contingencies, regardless of whether they are covered by the National Social Security Institute INSS or a Mutual Society.

Therefore, the reports sent through RED Direct, which are validated and accepted by the INSS save companies from having to present paper versions of documents to a CAISS or a Provincial Office of the INSS.

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