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Specific Services of the National Institute of the Social Security

  • Management, processing, resolution and organisation of payment of the following pensions: Retirement, Permanent Disability, Widowhood, Orphan´s and Family Members Pensions.
  • Management, processing, resolution and organisation of pension payments in accordance with international regulations.
  • Management, processing, resolution and organisation of payment of the following benefits: temporary disability due to common or occupational diseases, non-work related and work-related injuries, maternity, including the special benefit for multiple adoptions or births, paternity, risk during pregnancy and breastfeeding, family benefits for dependent foster children and the death grant.
  • Processing of compensation: Non-disabling permanent injuries due to work-related accidents and occupational diseases. Partial permanent disability. Death due to work-related injuries and occupational diseases.
  • Management, processing, resolution and organisation of payment of School Insurance.
  • Management, processing and organisation of the payment of benefits arising from toxic shock syndrome.
  • Receipt of the medical leave and medical discharge certificates when workers have TD status and the INSS is responsible for the coverage of the risk.
  • Medical assessments to decide on the extension of temporary disability, contingency decisions, risk during pregnancy, etc.
  • Processing of surcharges due to lack of health and safety measures in the workplace.
  • Resolution of pension and benefit claims.
  • Processing of information dossiers prior to retirement.
  • Issuing of European Health Insurance Cards
  • Receipt and checking of requests, changes and incidents that affect pensioners and benefit recipients.
  • Issuing of pension and benefit certificates.
  • Issuing and renewal of digital certificates. 
  • General information on Social Security benefits and their procedures.
  • Management of all types of requests, changes and incidents affecting pensioners.
  • Management of requests, changes and incidents affecting benefit recipients.
  • Management and issuing of forms granting entitlement to travel to countries with which Spain has entered into bilateral health care agreements.
  • Receipt and processing of complaints and suggestions.
  • Automated processing of pensions in accordance with the annual revaluation in line with the forecasted CPI.
  • Home delivery of notifications on pension revaluations, and cancellation or amendment of the amount of allocations for dependent foster children.
  • Issuing of certificates for withholdings on account for Personal Income Tax (IRPF).
  • International billing of health care expenses arising from insured persons from other countries who are temporarily staying in Spain.
  • Participation and negotiation in Bilateral Social Security Agreements signed by Spain.
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