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On-Site Services

The local network of the Social Security provides the following summary of services to citizens:


  • Registration and Affiliation:
    • Obtaining the Social Security / Affiliation Number.
    • Registration of employers in the Social Security.
    • Acquisition and termination of active contributor status, and changes of details of workers.
    • Special Agreements.
  • Contribution / Collection:
    • Voluntary debt collection and debt enforcement proceedings.
    • Debt deferment.
  • Digital Certificates (SILCON/2-CA)


  • Benefits / Pensions:
    • Temporary or permanent disability.
    • Maternity or paternity.
    • Risk during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
    • Retirement, widowhood and survival.
    • Family members.
    • School Insurance; SOVI and Health Care.


  • Management of the Special Scheme for Sea Workers:
    • Benefits.
    • Registration.
    • Affiliation.
    • Contributions, etc.
  • Specific services provided to the sea fishing industry:
    • Maritime Health Care.
    • Training.
    • Social programmes.
    • Employment and unemployment.
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