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Services and Methods for Communicating with the Social Security Administration


The aims of this unit are:

  • To provide information on the Social Security Administration Support Services, how to contract them and the processes that can be done through them in a clear and educational way.
  • To briefly describe the services offered, resources used and quality commitments adopted in the provision of face-to-face support to citizens.


  • List of services provided.
  • Methods of communicating with the Social Security Administration.
  • Quality in services and the involvement of citizens in improving them.

We remind you that...

  • Service to citizens is the basic principle that justifies the existence of the Civil Service and, therefore, the Social Security. This principle must guide all of its work, the foundations of which are principles of transparency and participation.
  • The Social Security has enormous experience in citizen support services that are provided though three channels; online, telephone and face-to-face, all of which are fully established.
  • These services are within the reach of all citizens, since they are accessible and easy to use.
  • The Social Security is an accessible and modern organisation that promotes innovation and the latest technologies to provide better service to citizens.
  • It is a proactive organisation that tries to anticipate the needs of society.
  • The is an online process, the RED System, which as established itself as the leading exponent of online services to companies.
  • The Social Security Administration sets out quality commitments for its services through the Lists of Services and measures the level of satisfaction of its customers through evaluation questionnaires and complaints and suggestions.
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