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Specific Services of the General Treasury of the Social Security

  • Registration of companies and assignment of Main and Secondary Contribution Account Codes.
  • Opening, changing and terminating Contribution Account Codes.
  • Changes of details and termination of registration of employers.
  • Option to cover work-related injuries and occupational diseases, if this is done with the National Institute of the Social Security, as well as, where appropriate, the option to cover temporary disability with the same organisation.
  • Management of collaboration in the financial benefit for temporary disability.
  • Assignment of a Social Security Number.
  • Acquisition and termination of active contributor status, and changes of details for workers in the various schemes that make up the Social Security System.
  • Option to cover temporary disability and/or work-related injuries and occupational diseases for self-employed workers who are allowed to to so.
  • Telephone Number and E-Mail of Employer.
  • Management of workers posted to work in another country.
  • Processing and resolution of the different types of Special Agreements, with the aim of maintaining Social Security coverage according to the different benefits covered by these agreements.
  • Working life reports and status reports for workers, by the established method.
  • Company working life reports for those that request them, by the established method.
  • Filling in contribution forms for those companies, with fewer than 10 workers, that request them.
  • Management of payments that produce a positive credit balance for the individuals liable to make contributions, due to having received the compensation or deductions to which they were entitled, and which can be submitted online or in person at the Social Security Administrative Offices.
  • Reimbursement of undue payments: Information to companies and workers on filling in applications and the documents to be provided, checking the undue payments and reimbursing them.
  • Processing of applications for deferment of payment of debts to the General Treasury of the Social Security, when the individuals liable to make contributions cannot make the necessary payment, as well as tracking payments of granted deferments.
  • Generation, issuance and notification of debt claims and enforcement orders that initiate enforcement proceedings, as well as the tracking of these until their collection, cancellation or expiry.
  • Collection management proceedings for settlement records and infringement records.
  • Issuing of contribution base reports on an annual basis to workers in the General Scheme and the Special Scheme for Sea Workers with the contribution bases declared by the companies in which they provide their services during the previous tax year.
  • Annual sending of the contribution bases of the last 15 years to workers aged 60 years or over.
  • Issuing of contribution status reports and certificates.
  • Issuing of certificates of contributions paid over the financial year.
  • Changes in contribution details of workers.
  • Applications for distribution of contribution limits for multiple employment.
  • Resolution of pleadings and appeals regarding debt claims and enforcement orders.
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