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The Social Security Classroom is defined as a Secretariat of State for Social Security initiative which seeks to inform new generations of citizens and their teachers of their rights and obligations as a part of a basic institution for the operation of the Welfare State; the Social Security System.


  • To promote the ideas of intergenerational and interterritorial solidarity among future citizens.
  • To raise awareness among the website users of the vital importance of everyone working together to maintain a public Social Security System.
  • To generate a culture of cooperation in society, educating people to meet their obligations and exercise their rights.
  • To build an informative and educational platform to bring citizens closer to the Social Security Administration and in particular the educational community.
  • To encourage the use of these types of tools among young people; the principal users of new technologies.
  • To create high-impact education and training with a strong emphasis on communication.
  • To strengthen the Social Security Administration´s commitment to quality.

Who is the website aimed at?

The target audience of the Social Security Classroom is divided into two main groups:

  • Teachers: All primary and secondary school teachers.
  • Students: Students from the final year of primary education (10 to 11 years old) and the first three years of secondary education (12, 13 and 14 years old).
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