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Specific Services of the Social Marine Institute

  • Management of the Special Scheme for Sea Workers.
  • Health care on-board ships and abroad through: the Radio-Medical Centre, Database, Overseas Centres and Hospital Ships.
  • Health care training through the On-Board Health Guide, Medical Examinations for Sea Service, inspection and control of on-board health care resources, etc.
  • Training and professional development given at its two National Maritime Training Centres and at the Provincial Directorates.
  • Training Programmes and International Technical Cooperation.
  • Assistance to workers on-board or at port (national or abroad) in compliance with Convention 163 and Recommendations 138 and 173 of the International Labour Organization (ILO).
  • In compliance with Convention 9 of the ILO, the actions for which the Public Employment Service is responsible in the sea sector.
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