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Risk during pregnancy

A law to promote the work-life balance of working people implemented the risk during pregnancy benefit, within the protective action of the Social Security, with the aim of protecting the health of expectant mothers. In this way it provides coverage for cases where the female worker is required to change her job post to one that is compatible with her condition, because -in accordance with the Law on Occupational Risk Prevention- the conditions in which she works may have a negative effect on her health or that of her unborn child, and such a change is not technically or objectively possible, or cannot be demanded due to justified reasons.


Benefits for Risk During Pregnancy

  1. AIM: To protect the health of female workers.
  2. PROTECTED SITUATION: Employment contract suspension in the cases provided for in Art. 26 of the Law on Occupational Risk Prevention.
  3. FINANCIAL BENEFIT: From the start for the suspension up to the maternity leave or return to work.
  4. AMOUNT: A benefit equivalent to 100% of the regulatory base for TD, arising from occupational contingencies.
  5. Direct management by the INSS, the ISM or the Mutual Society for Work-Related Injuries and Occupational Diseases.
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