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Temporary Disability

This is when a worker finds themselves in a situation where they are temporarily unable to work and require health care from the Social Security.

The beneficiaries are affiliated workers with active contributor status who have covered a minimum contribution period of 180 days within the 5 years prior to the date of the leave, when it is due to a common disease. In the event of occupational diseases or injuries, no previous contribution period is required.


Temporary Disability. Contingencies
Amount on the regulatory base. Acquisition of a right to benefits Duration of the situation
Common diseases and non-work-related injuries 60% (4th to the 20th day) *
75% (from the 21st)
4th day 365 days + 180 days of extension
WRI and OD 75% Day after the injury or leave
(day of leave payable by the company)
365 days + 180 days of extension
Observation period     6 months + 6

* From the 4th to the 15th day, payable by the company
** Also, on 365 days, the INSS can issue a medical discharge certificate or start a permanent disability file
Payment of benefit.........................................for the duration of the TD
Strike and lockout...................................there is no entitlement

Temporary Disability

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