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Permanent Disability Benefits

At contributory level, workers who, after having undergone the prescribed treatments and having been granted discharge from medical care, still present serious anatomical or functional reductions, which can be determined objectively and are expected to be permanent, and which diminish or impair their capacity to work, are considered to be in a situation of permanent disability.

Permanent disability, irrespective of its determining cause, is classed according to the following degrees:

  • Partial permanent disability for regular job.
  • Full permanent disability for regular job.
  • Absolute permanent disability for any job.
  • Complete invalidity.

Partial Permanent Disability for the usual occupation means a disability that without reaching a degree of total disability, causes the worker a reduction of no less than 50% of their normal performance in said occupation and does not prevent them from performing the basic tasks of their job.

Total Permanent Disability for the usual occupation means a disability that makes the worker unable to perform all the tasks or the basic tasks of their job, provided that they are able to carry out a different job.

Absolute Permanent Disability for all work means a disability due to which the worker is completely unable to carry out any job or occupation.

Serious Disability means the worker is in a situation affected by permanent disability and as a result of anatomical or functional losses, requires the assistance of other people for the most basic activities of daily living such as dressing, moving, eating or the like.

In the case of work-related or non-work-related injuries, usual occupation means the job that the worker was normally carrying out at the time of suffering the injury; in the case of common or occupational diseases, it means the worker´s main job during the twelve months prior to the date on which the temporary disability began.

Situations of permanent disability shall give entitlement to the applicable benefits if the established conditions are met.

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