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Family benefits

The content of the benefit consists of considering the first two years of a period of leave taken by workers as an effective contribution period, in accordance with the provisions of the Workers´ Statute, to care for each child or foster child, in cases of permanent or pre-adoptive foster care, even though this may be temporary, or the duration of the leave if it was for less than two years.

This period considered as an effective contribution period will have a duration of 30 months if the family unit that the child -for whom the leave is being requested- is a part of is classed as a large family in the general category or 36 months in the special category, under the terms provided for in the Large Families Act for both categories.

Likewise, the first year of the period of leave taken to care for other family members, up to the second degree of blood relationship or affinity, who, due to reasons of age, injury, illness or disability, are not able to take care of themselves and do not carry out paid work, will be considered as an effective contribution period.

Beneficiaries are considered to have active contributor status in order to qualify for the benefits (except temporary disability) and the contribution period which is granted will be taken into account for the coverage of the minimum contribution period required to gain entitlement to benefits for retirement, permanent disability, death and survival, and maternity and paternity, as well as to determine their regulatory base, and even the applicable percentage (where appropriate, to the retirement pension).

In addition, during the specified period, the entitlement to the Social Security health care benefit is maintained.

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