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Contenido principal

The Spanish Social Security System.


The aim of the unit is for students to be able:

  • To learn about the development and change that has taken place in the Spanish Social Security System, from its creation up to the current social protection model and consolidation of the current welfare state.
  • To learn about the organisational model of the Social Security and the bodies responsible for managing their benefits and services.


  • History and Current Model of the Spanish Social Security System.
  • Social Security Managing Organisation.

We remind you that...

  • We can make a distinction between three stages of development of the Social Security in Spain:
  • Welfare and institutional definition stage (1900 -1962).
  • Regulatory configuration stage (1962 – 1978).
  • Stage of consolidation of the social protection system, towards the welfare state (from 1978 to the present).
  • The management and administration of the Social Security benefits and services is entrusted to state bodies, under the control and supervision of the senior bodies of the General State Administration.
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