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Special agreement for spanish emigrants and their children who work abroad and secular persons, missionaries and co-operators

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Who can sign it?

Spanish emigrants and their children who have Spanish nationality, independently of whether or not they have been affiliated to the Spanish Social Security previously and regardless of the country in which they work and whether or not that country has signed an agreement on Social Security affairs.

Secular persons, missionaries and co-operators under the responsibility, without any labour relationship, of the Episcopal Conference, Dioceses, Orders, Congregations and other religious institutions as well as non-governmental organisations, who hold Spanish nationality and have been posted by their respective organisations or institutions to foreign countries, will be considered, in the cases referred to in the previous sections, as emigrants solely for the purpose of signing this type of special agreement.

Application filing and deadline

Applications can be submitted (on form TA-0040) at any time, with no applicable deadline, at the Provincial Directorate of the General Treasury of the Social Security in Madrid.


   Living and working abroad must be accredited by any means of proof admitted by law, especially, by means of a photocopy, legalised by the Spanish Council of Employment and Social Affairs or by the Spanish Consulate in the country of immigration, of the work or residence permit issued by the corresponding authorities of that country.  


It takes effect from the first day of the month following the date on which the application is presented.

Causes for termination

  • Failure to make the payments corresponding to two consecutive quarters.
  • - If the interested party is included in the field of application of any Social Security Scheme. 
  • Acquiring the status of pensioner due to retirement or permanent disability.
  • Decision by the interested party notified in writing to the Social Security Treasury General.
  • Death of the interested party.


Payments will made every quarter, payable within the month following the calendar quarter to which the payment corresponds. The contribution basis applicable will be the minimum that, at any time, corresponds to workers over eighteen years of age in the General Regime. On this contribution basis, the prevailing type of contribution in that Regime will be applied, and to the result of this, the coefficient established for this purpose, which will give payment to be paid in.


This special agreement is regulated by article 15 of Order TAS/2865/2003 of 13 October.

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