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Economic benefit for the birth or adoption of a child, in cases of large families, single parent families and in the case of disabled mothers.



Procedure for economic benefit for the birth or adoption of a child, in cases of large families, single parent families and in the case of disabled mothers.

General Information

Parents or adopting parents due to the birth or adoption of a child in the events of large families and single-parent families and in the cases of mothers with a disability that is equal to or greater than 65% who meet the established requirements.

If the parents or adopting parents live together, either of them, by common agreement, will be the beneficiary; if there is no agreement, it will be the mother. If there is no cohabitation, the one who has charge and custody of the children will be the beneficiary.

When children becomeorphans of both parents or adopting parents or they are abandoned, the person who legally takes charge of them will be the beneficiary.

More information about beneficiaries

  • Legal residence in Spanish territory.
  • Not receiving annual income, of any nature, exceeding the established limits.
  • Not being entitled to the benefits of this same nature in any other public scheme of social protection.
Amounts / Payments / Effects:

A single payment of 1000 euros is made when the established income limits are not exceeded; if they are exceeded but they are less than the amount that results from adding the amount of the benefit to said limit, the amount to be paid will be equal to the difference between the income received and the indicated amount together.

More information about amounts, payments and effects


Paid only once.


The maximum period for issuing a resolution and notifying it to the interested party is 45 days.


The right to the benefit ends after 5 years, starting as from the day following the birth or adoption of the child.


Application form.


The necessary documents for verifying identity and for verifying the determining circumstances of the right will be provided.

The applicant will not be required to accredit events, data or circumstances that the Social Security Administration should know on its own.

More information about documentation

Where to process it:

The application and necessary documentation must be submitted at any of the Customer service and information centres of the Social Security.

Competent entity:

Recognition of the right to this financial benefit is the competency of the INSS .

Other information of interest:

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