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Family Benefits

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Is the father's income taken into account for entitlement to the dependent child allocation in a single-parent family where the mother lives with the children?

The family benefit for dependent childrendepends on the income being under a certain amount and only takes into consideration the income of the parent living in the family unit.

In cases of annulment, separation or divorce, the compensatory pension is calculated for the spouse who wins custody in the legal ruling.

If someone is receiving a benefit for having a dependent child, do they continue to receive the benefit if the child starts to work and receive a salary?

The child or foster child will still be considered to be the responsibility of the beneficiary even if they carry out paid work, as an employed or self-employed worker, as long as they continue to live with the beneficiary and the income received by them for the work carried out does not exceed 100% of the national minimum wage in force at any given time, calculated on an annual basis.

If the child´s income is greater than the amount stated in the previous paragraph, the financial benefit will expire due to the end of the financial dependency of the originator (child) on the beneficiary.

Is a period of leave taken for 6 months to care for a child after maternity leave considered to be a period of effective contribution to the Social Security?

The period that can be calculated as an effective contribution period will be the first three years of leave taken by the worker, in accordance with |art.  46.3 of the Workers' Statute, to care for each child or foster child.
In the event that he/she does not take the above mentioned periods in full, only the period actually taken will be considered for the purposes of calculating contributions.

In the case of adopting two children born outside Spain, is there a right to multiple adoption benefit?

For the purpose of entitlement to multiple adoption benefit, the birth or adoption taking place abroad is considered to have taken place in Spain when it is proven that the child has been immediately integrated into a family with residence in Spanish territory.

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