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Activation Programme for Employment

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This is a temporary, specific, one-off programme for the long-term unemployed and includes active employment policies and labour mediation managed by the Public Employment Services in order to increase opportunities to return to the job market, as well as offering a financial benefit managed by the Social Marine Institute, which is linked to participation in said activation for employment policies.

To be accepted into the programme and obtain recognition of the assistance allowance, unemployed applicants must submit the official programme registration application form at their nearest Social Marine Institute office between 1 May 2017 and 30 April 2018.

This can only be accessed once.

Application for reinstatement into the programme

 Applications for reinstatement may be submitted from 4 August 2018 for rights suspended due to any of the following circumstances:

  •  Full-time or part-time employment for a period of under 90 days, where compatibility does not apply.
  • Self-employed for a period of under 180 days.
  •  The loss of the income or family responsibilities requirement for a period of under 180 days.  


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Unemployed applicants may benefit from the programme if they meet the following requirements on the date of submitting the application:

  • At least one month has passed since any of the following allowances or benefits elapsed: unemployment benefit or unemployment subsidy; theActive Insertion Income (RAI); the Temporary Protection and Insertion Programme (PRODI); the Professional Retraining Programme for People who Exhaust their Unemployment Protection (PREPARA). Exhaustion does not include termination due to a penalty or loss of the right due to causes attributable to the beneficiary.
  • Be registered as a job seeker with the relevant Public Employment Service on 1 May 2017. This requirement shall be met even if the worker is not registered as a job seeker on that date but has interrupted their registration due to paid employment, provided the contract term was less than 90 days.
  • Have been registered as a job seeker for 270 days within the 18 months immediately prior to the date of applying to join the programme.
  • Not be entitled to contributory or welfare unemployment protection, or active insertion income.
  • Have involuntarily left paid employment prior to exhausting the last entitlement set forth in point one. And, if they have worked after exhausting the right, have involuntarily left the last job held.
  • Have a monthly calculated income that does not exceed 75 per cent of the Minimum Professional Wage, excluding the proportional part of the two extra payments, and accredit family responsibilities. Income from activities compatible with the benefit shall not be taken into account.
  • If, after exhausting any of the benefits or allowances included in point one,they have received any type of minimum income, social wage or similar social welfare allowances granted by any Public Administration, at least one month must have passed since termination of this income before applying for this programme.
  • Meet the activation obligations.

For the purposes of joining the programme, anyone in part-time paid employment on the date of applying shall not be considered unemployed.

To join and remain in the programme, unemployed applicants must meet the following obligations:

  • To prove to the Social Marine Institute that within the period of one month following their submission of the application, they have carried out at least three actions considered as active job searches (BAE).
  • To sign an activity commitment, at the time of submitting the application, stipulating the different actions favouring their integration into the labour market, which are agreed by the Public Employment Services or by its collaborating entities within the framework of the individual and personalised employment itinerary.
  • To accept adequate employment offered to them by the public employment services or the employment agencies, when activities are undertaken in collaboration with the latter during the participation period of the programme. For these purposes, adequate employment shall be understood as that set forth in Article 231.3 of the consolidated text of the General Social Security Act.
  • To resume their job search in the form and time frames specified in the job search resumption document and appear, when previously summoned, before the Social Marine Institute, the Public Employment Services or the employment agencies when activities are undertaken in collaboration with them.
  • To notify, at the time in which they take effect, changes to income, assets or family units, as well as situations that could lead to incompatibilities with the aid.
  • Repay the benefits unduly received.
  • To provide the Public Employment Services, or, when appropriate, the employment agencies when activities are undertaken in collaboration with them, within the period of five days, with the corresponding note confirming their appearance at the place and time indicated to fill the job offers provided by these services.
  • To accredit their active job search during the term of the programme and when required of them by the competent Public Service.
  • To provide the documentation and information necessary for incorporation into and maintenance in the programme and notify the Public Employment Services and the Social Marine Institute of the address provided for correspondence purposes and, when appropriate, the change of address at the time in which it takes effect.
  • To authorise the Public Employment Services to communicate their status as beneficiary of the programme and of the financial aid to the employment agencies that undertake activities in collaboration with those services, as well as any companies that request it.
  • To inform companies of their status as applicant or beneficiary of the programme when they carry out active job searches or when signing job contracts with them.

Compatibility with the accompaniment allowance

Once admitted to the Programme, the financial aid will be compatible with:

  • Aid of any type that could be received for assistance for professional training actions for employment.
  • Employment by another person, whether full- or part-time, or permanent or temporary, up until a maximum period of five months, provided that such is undertaken in companies or entities that do not form part of the public sector.

During this time, the employer shall discount the amount of the financial aid from the value of the salary that corresponds to the worker legally or statutorily. In the case of part-time work, the amount of financial aid to be discounted from the value of the salary shall be proportional to the hours worked.

The worker shall notify their tutor assigned by the corresponding Public Employment Service of the possible hires formalised for the purposes of the possible compatibility of the aid with the work.

In order to accredit their receipt of the financial aid, the workers may present their employers with the decision declared by the Social Marine Institute recognising this right.

If the contract expires before the beneficiary has finished participating in the programme, and as long as the requirements for receiving a contributory benefit or unemployment benefit are not met, the worker must notify the Social Marine Institute of such expiry within fifteen days following this date, and retake their activity commitment to keep participating in the programme and receiving the financial aid for the time period remaining.

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