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Special Schemes

Special Scheme for Self-Employed Workers

  • As of 01/01/04, self-employed workers will have entitlement to the benefit with the same scope, form, terms and conditions as in the General Scheme, with the following particular conditions:
    • They must be included under the voluntary improvement of the protective actions arising from work accident and professional illness eventualities and to have previously or simultaneously opted for temporary incapacity coverage.
    • They must be up-to-date with contribution payments.
    • The charge for the economic benefits for lack of occupational risk prevention does not apply.
  • More information on this Scheme:

Special Scheme for Coal Mining

  • The benefit has the same coverage and scope and is recognised under the same terms and conditions as the Social Security General Scheme.

Special Scheme for Seafarers

The benefit is granted in the same way, within the same scope and under the same terms as the Social Security General Scheme.

More information on this Scheme:

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