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Special Coal Mining Regime

The rules specified in the Social Security General Regime shall be applicable, with the following specificities.

In addition to complying with the obligation to apply for their workers' affiliations and terminations of affiliation to the Special Coal Mining Regime, under the same terms and conditions specified for the General Regime, employers must submit to the Provincial Office of the Treasury General of the Social Security, within fifteen days from the end of each calendar month, in duplicate and following the official format, the monthly reports or lists specified below:

- Workers who have been hired and have been terminated by the company.

- Workers who have experienced a change in occupational classification or specialisation or who maintain it despite having changed to a job to which a different one would correspond.

- Workers who have been absent from work for reasons other than sick leave due to common or occupational disease and injury, whether or not work-related, and those authorised by the corresponding labour rules as entitled to compensation.

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