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General Scheme


All injuries, mutilations or deformities:

  • Caused by an accident at work or occupational illness.
  • Of a definitive nature.
  • Which does not constitute permanent disability.
  • Which alters or reduces the physical integrity of the worker
  • Which is classified in the list established for this purpose.


Workers incorporated into the General Scheme, on active contributor status or in an assimilated contributor situation, who have suffered injury, mutilation or deformation due to a work-related accident or occupational illness and have been medically certified as fit due to their recovery.

Content and amount

  • The benefit consists of a lump sum compensation amount, which is granted only once and whose amount is fixed according to the injuries, mutilations and deformities specified on a set scale.
  • The amount of the benefit will be increased, according to the severity of the disablement between 30% and 50%, when the injury, mutilation or deformity is caused by machines or devices or at installations, centres or places of work where regulatory precautions are lacking, where they are not used or are in poor condition, when health and safety measures have not been taken, or when health requirements or personal training for each job have not been provided, taking into account the characteristics, age, gender and other conditions of the worker.
  • This charge will be fully payable by the offending employer.

Compatibilities / incompatibilities

  • It is compatible with the job in the same company.
  • It is incompatible with the economic benefits established for permanent disability, unless the injuries, mutilations or deformities are wholly independent of those taken into consideration for declaring the permanent disability and its degree.


The amounts corresponding to the scale will be paid by the managing Body, the National Social Security Office or the Social Marine Institute, or by the Social Security Mutual Society Partner which is obliged to pay the benefits for permanent disability arising from work-related injuries or occupational illnesses.

The costs for lack of health and safety measures are directly attributable to the offending employer.


Injuries, mutilation and deformities can be revised due to aggravation of the effects which caused the compensation for non-disabling permanent injuries, without meaning that the worker cannot request the right to benefits for permanent disablement arising from the corresponding eventuality being recognised.

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