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School Insurance benefits can be classified as follows:

By the risk that causes them:

School accident.
Family Misfortune.

By their nature:

  • Financial benefits: these consist of a lump-sum payment or pension for the student for the conditions suffered, such as disability due to an accident or compensation for family misfortune.
  • Medical Assistance: benefits: the School Insurance does not provide medical assistance, but reimburses, within the limit of the rates applicable to each treatment or medication, the health care that has been provided in a private health care centre.

Care in a Public Health Service centre is not covered by the School Insurance, as this is care that the student receives free of charge, and the School Insurance is intended to mitigate the negative effects of private health care costs borne by the student.

Care in a private facility may be received in a collaborating or non-collaborating facility. The difference between the two centres lies in who initially bears the cost of care.

Provided that the benefit is recognised, if you attend a collaborating centre, the School Insurance will reimburse all or part of the amount to the health centre. The list of collaborating centres can be found at the following link: Social Security: Benefits / Workers' Pensions (

If the student attends a non-collaborative centre, the student will first pay the health centre for the treatment, and may request reimbursement of all or part of the cost from the School Insurance.

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