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Family Hardship Benefits

Subject of the Benefit

  • The purpose of the family hardship benefit is to ensure that students can continue studying until the normal completion of the course, including doctorate studies when circumstances arise in which it is impossible to continue the studies as a direct result of the financial situation in the home.
  • This benefit is granted in the following cases:
    • Death of the head of household. The head of household is therefore considered both the father and the mother, as long as both contribute earnings to the family income.

    • Family bankruptcy. Under no circumstances is this considered to be the permanent lack of economic resources to pay for the studies.


  • ?86.55 for students from families not recognised as large.
  • ?103.85 for students from general category large families.
  • ?129.82 for students from special category large families.


It is accrued from the 1st day of the month following the one during which the right-granting event occurred. 


  • It is paid during the number of years remaining for the beneficiary to complete his or her studies normally without repeating a course.
  • In all events, the benefit is terminated when the beneficiary reaches the age of 28.


 It is compatible with any scholarship.


  • Once the benefit is granted, an annual review is done on the continuation of the economic situation and that the student has adequately taken advantage of the studies.
  • In the event of death of the head of household, the family income can not exceed 6,010.12 euros for each member of the family unit. All members of the family unit who live with the student are therefore taken into account, along with their respective earnings.
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