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School Injury Benefits

The student victim of an accident occurring in the academic arena shall be entitled to the following benefits: 

Medical Care and Pharmaceutical Assistance

Medical care and pharmaceutical assistance must be requested within one year of the accident.

  • Duration:
    • Coverage is provided from the time of the accident until the date of medical discharge or declaration of incapacity, and in any case, with a maximum duration of one year from the accident.
  • Selection of doctor and health centre:
    • If in the province to which the student moves, there is no doctor or centre that collaborates with the School Insurance, so that they can only go to a doctor or centre that does not collaborate, the student will be paid the totality of the expenses originated by the accident.
    • In cases of duly justified emergency care in which the student has gone to private, non-State centres, either because the student is unable to select the medical centre or because of the distance to the State centre, the student is paid for all expenses incurred.
    • Travel expenses are paid only in cases of life-threatening emergencies. 
  • Pharmaceutical benefits in the event of an accident shall be paid in full by the School Insurance Company, provided that it recognises their connection with the accident.
  • Health care includes, as appropriate:
    • Hospitalisation and surgery.
    • Supply and replacement of prosthetic and orthopaedic devices required.
    • Rehabilitation treatment required for recovery.
    • Medical examinations required for diagnosis or treatment.
Reimbursement of care must be claimed within one year from the date of the school accident.

    Disability Compensation and Benefits

    • If the accident causes and declares permanent and absolute incapacity for studies already begun, compensation is paid, ranging from 150.25 euros  to 601.01 euros, fixed in proportion to the time of studies already completed and the reduction in subsequent capacity for a professional activity.
    • If the accident causes and declares a severe disability for studies, leaving the student incapacitated for the most essential acts of life, a lifelong pension of 144.24 euros per year is paid.

    Such compensation and pensions must be claimed within one year from the date of the school accident.

    Bereavement Compensation

    • If the accident, whether at school or not, results in death, the next of kin shall be paid 30.05 euros in burial expenses.

    • If the accident occurred in a place other than the family residence, these expenses can range from 30.05 to 120.20 euros.

    • If the deceased student had a dependent spouse, formalised unmarried partner accredited by 221 LGSS, children, direct ascendants over 65 years of age or incapacitated for any work, or siblings under the age of age or incapacitated for any work, 300.51 euros will be granted.

    Such compensation must be claimed within one year from the day following the day of death, if it is due to a school accident; and within five years from the day following the day of death, if it is a non-school accident.


    As indicated above, actions to claim benefits arising from the school accident are time-barred one year after the accident or, in the case of death compensation, one year or five years after the death, depending on the nature of the accident.
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