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Documents for processing your benefit

The original documents specified below must be submitted along with a copy for  authentication, except for identity documents,  where showing the original will suffice.

If the documents have been issued by foreign bodies, they must meet the legalisation requirements in order to be valid in Spain.


Proof of the applicant’s identity, and of the legal representative if applicable,  by means of the following valid documentation:

  • Spanish Citizens: National Identification Document (DNI).
  • Foreign Citizens: Passport or, if appropriate, a valid identity document from their country and Foreign Resident Identification Number (NIE) required by the National Tax Administration Agency for payments.
  • Supporting documentation for the legal representative, where applicable.

Documentation relating to contributions:

  • Employed workers in the General Scheme: Certificates of the  companies in which you are registered at the beginning of the temporary disability  and/or  recurrence of illness.  
  • Self-employed workers: contribution payment receipts for the last two months.

Medical data (If there are no copies sent by the Spanish Public Health Service on the INSS online files) :

  • Certificate of leave and, if required,  confirmation of leave.
  • If the worker comes under a delegated payment option, confirmation report(s) following the last one  filed by the employer.
  • If medical discharge has occurred, medical certificate of the discharge.

Report on work-related injuries or occupational illness (WRI  and OI ), issued by the company, if the leave is for professional contingencies.


If the termination occurs in the first 15 days of temporary disability: work contract and contract extensions.

In the event of dismissal: letter of dismissal, certificate of settlement or court ruling.


Declaration of activity status, only for workers in the Special Scheme for Self-Employed Workers (except for those workers included in the Special Scheme for Self-Employed Agricultural Workers and Financially Dependent Workers). Failure to appear will impede the initiation of the payment of the benefit. Failure to supply this, within 45 days, would lead to the initiation of the sanctioning file.

Libro de familia (booklet containing family details), and if necessary,  disability certificate detailing the degree of disability for minors in your care, for cases of termination of employment, in order to apply caps on contributory unemployment.

Company with fewer than 10 workers: We remind you that it is necessary to report this at least 15 days prior to the application so that the company can change its obligation to pay directly to the INSS  after the 1st  day of the next calendar month.

Temporary worker of the Special Agricultural System, with a written contract in force and who has not provided services on the date of medical leave: contract stamped by the corresponding employment office.

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