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Pensioners and Spanish Pensions

Subject: Extinction

  • Extinction

    • Is the right to widowhood pension maintained if married again?
      Category: Widows, orphans and family members > Subject: Extinction

      It shall be possible to maintain the widowhood pension, even if the pension remarries, as long as the following requirements are certified:

      • Being over 61 years of age or under and having been granted a pension for permanent absolute disability or severe disability or certified with a degree of disability greater than 65%.

      • The widowhood pension  shall constitute the main or only source of income of the pensioner. It is understood that it constitutes the main source of income when the amount of the same represents at least 75% of the total income in an annual calculation.

      • If the married couple have annual income, of any kind, including widowhood pension, that does not exceed twice the amount, calculated on an annual basis, of the SMI  in force at any given time.
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    • When does the pension in favour of family members expire?
      Category: Widows, orphans and family members > Subject: Extinction
      • In the case of pension of grandchildren and brothers, for the same causes as orphanage.

      • In the case of parents, children greater than 45 years of age:
        • On marriage.
        • Death
        • After checking that the missing worker did not die in an accident.
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