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  • Partial permanent disability for the usual profession:

A disability that, without being total, causes the worker's ability to perform his or her usual profession to be reduced a 33% or more, without keeping the worker from performing the basic tasks of the profession.

  • Total permanent disability for the usual profession:

A disability that keeps the worker from performing all main tasks in his or her profession, as long as the worker is able to take up a different profession.

  • Absolute permanent disability for all types of work:

That which absolutely disables a worker to perform any work or trade.

  • Serious disability:

A situation suffered by a permanently disabled worker that, as a consequence of anatomical or functional losses, needs the care of a third person for the most basic acts of life, such as getting dressed, moving about, eating, etc.

Each of these degrees that classify permanent disability will give rise to entitlement, where appropriate, to the corresponding financial permanent disability benefit.

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