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Communication to companies of the benefits of their workers

Since 11  December 2019, the INSS has included a service with which companies can download information on the variations in the Social Security benefits recognised to their workers, both subsidies and others that affect employment contracts or business obligations with Social Security.

From this date, the INSSEMPRESAS file (FIE) will be available daily to the main users of each company with RED System authorisations through SILTRA, or, where appropriate, through EDITRAN.

This service is configured as a secure, agile and easy-to-incorporate communication channel in the payroll management applications of companies, so it will help not only to fulfil the obligations to Social Security but also to manage personnel.

Likewise, the new FIER service, developed by the INSS, has been available since 20 September 2021, allowing any user with a RED System authorisation to download and subsequently consult the information contained in the FIE through the RED Online System and in Excel format. This new FIER service is mainly aimed at users with RED Directo authorisations, i.e., companies with less than twenty-five workers that do not have the possibility of receiving the FIE through SILTRA, which together account for a total of one hundred and sixty thousand workers. In this way, coverage is provided to a group that, until now, was not included in the information received through the INSS Companies File. One of the special features of the new FIER application is the possibility of downloading files together for a maximum period of 17 days, provided that no more than 300 records are included in each consultation.

Therefore, with these two services, FIE and FIER, an access tool is finally made available to all Electronic Data Transfer users, allowing them to download the files made available to them and to obtain daily information on the benefits for temporary disability, permanent disability, retirement, birth and childcare and other benefits that are recorded in the databases of this Institute and that are recognised for workers linked to the contribution account code consulted.

By clicking on the link to User manuals, you can consult the FIER User Manual, which details how to access the service, as well as the fields contained on the application's start screen and the actions that can be carried out. The structure of the FIE 2.0 message, its content and a description of its fields, as well as their possible values, are included in the record design, which can be consulted at the following link, Technical Instructions.

Access to the information service (available from December 2019)

From 11 December 2019, the authorised NETWORK companies will be able to access this service through the SILTRA application.

Access to this service will then be enabled over the DIRECT NETWORK.


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