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Procedure for resolving benefit incidents: ACRASS-Incident Management Acredit@ Social Security

Through the new INSS EMPRESAS service created by the Spanish National Social Security Institute (INSS), your company will be able to download, through SILTRA or EDITRAN, a daily file, which will reflect any modifications that may have occurred in the Institute's short-term benefit (subsidy) databases, identifying the worker concerned, the Contribution Account Code to which it is linked, and the nature of the variation that has occurred.

It must be considered, for the correct interpretation of the information referred, which:

  • Variations produced in the INSS databases will be reported if they alter the existing data in the databases up to that moment.
  • In any event, regardless of the number of variations that may have occurred, consolidated data will be reported at the time of the communication.

In the event of discrepancies between the modifications in the databases communicated through the corresponding file and the existing history in your company, the existence of a potential incident may be brought to the attention of the Institute in order to remedy it without waiting for the beginning of the corresponding instalment settlement period.

Any discrepancy is understood to mean any lack of identity between the data on the company database and that of the INSS that may produce an incident that prevents or alters the recognition and/or payment of a short-term benefit or the liquidation of a worker's Social Security dues, as a result of the lack of homogeneity in the existing information on subsidies between these databases.

The submission of detected incidents can be made through the ACRASS application, which can be accessed via the Internet. This application is aimed at those users who have a digital certificate and are authorised to use theSocial Security General Treasury'sRed System.

The ACRASS application in its WEB part allows companies or self-employed workers to register and consult incidents such as TD (Temporary Disability), NYCM (Birth and Care of minor), RE (Risk during pregnancy), RL (Risk during breastfeeding), CL (Co-responsibility during breastfeeding) and CM (Care of minor affected by cancer), as well as printing the corresponding report for each one of them so that the employer or self-employed worker has, in printed format, the details of the incident.

The consultation function allows you to locate the incidents to be consulted using certain criteria. From the consultation, they can also be modified or cancelled.

The WEB application offers the different functionalities through a system of tabs with the following names:

  • Registration of incidents.
  • Consultation of incidents.

In the event that the worker concerned is covered by the Social Security Special Scheme of Sea Workers, the communication of the incidents shall be made via the usual procedure, that is, directly to the province where they are resident, using the mailbox that can be found in the ISM Accredit@ MAILBOXES section.

ISM Accredited Mailboxes



Balearic Islands             




A Coruña                  








Las Palmas               












Central Services

ACRASS Direct Access

The following link provides direct access to the ACRASS application: ACRASS

ACRASS User Manual

In the following link you can access the ACRASS User Manual, which provides users with a guide for the use of the application:

ACRASS User Manual

You can also access the manual from the Homepage at User Manuals / Useful Information / RED System / INSS

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