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Special agreement for seasonal workers during periods of inactivity and for those included in the special schemes for fruit and vegetables and preserved vegetables in the General Social Security Scheme

Please follow the link to the Processes and Procedures section to see a simplified version.

Who can apply?

Workers employed by another person included in any of the System Schemes due to seasonal work in an activity of this nature, in the time between two consecutive periods.

Seasonal workers who provide services in companies dedicated to the activities of handling, packaging and commercialisation of fruits and vegetables and the production of preserved vegetables, included in the Special Fruits and Vegetables and Preserved Vegetables Systems of the General Social Security Scheme who are dropped from that scheme. 

Application Method and Deadline

The application (form TA-0040) must be submitted to the Provincial Department of the Social Security Treasury Office or its dependent Administration within the natural month following the month in which the seasonal work was terminated, the contributory unemployment benefits expired or following the sixty-day unemployment subsidy period for intermittent permanent employees with contribution rights due to retirement.

Protective Action

The purpose of the Special Agreement is to provide coverage for Permanent Disability, Death and Survival due to common eventualities, retirement, social services and health care.


Submit the application by the deadline indicated, and certify contributions as a seasonal worker, during at least three years or three full campaigns during the seven years immediately prior to the employment termination date or completion of the benefits indicated in the section concerning the application.

Effective dates

The Agreement takes effect from the natural day following the day of termination from the original Scheme or when the benefits indicated have expired.

Termination Causes

- Due to the interested party entering into the situation of retirement or permanent disability pensioner.

- Due to death of the interested party.

- Due to failure to make the corresponding payments for three consecutive or five alternative months. 

- Due to the interested party being included under the scope of any scheme that has established a reciprocal contribution computation with the General Social Security Scheme (whenever this situation does not lead to suspension).

- Due to a decision by the interested party, duly notified to the Social Security Treasury Office.


The agreement subscriber, as the party responsible for payment, must make a monthly payment of an amount resulting from applying the contribution rate for the General Scheme to the minimum contribution base for common eventualities indicated at all times for workers over the age of 18. The deadline for making the payments is the second natural month following the month in which they were earned.


In all those areas not specified in article 26 of Order TAS/2865/2003 of 13 October, this special agreement is governed by the general regulations.

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