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General Concepts. Principles and Directives of the Social Security System


The aim of the unit is for students to be able:

  • To share main principles that organise and guide the Spanish Social Security System.
  • To understand the aim and nature of the rights that make up our Social Security System.


  • Constitutional references and transformation of the Social Security model.
  • The Toledo Pact and Social Agreement on development and tendencies of the Social Security System.

We remind you that...

The main principles that support and guide the development of our Social Security System are:

    • Contributive fairness: proportionality between the amount received and the amount contributed.
    • Universality: maximum coverage of the protective action.
    • Intergenerational solidarity: while we are working we make contributions to fund current pensions.
    • Fairness and equality of rights, irrespective of the time and place of residence of the insured person.
    • Sufficiency: guarantee and improvement of the levels of well-being through appropriate benefits.
    • General Fund: the State is sole owner of all Social Security resources, obligations and benefits.
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