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Set Up

What do you need to be able to use RED Direct?

  • A computer with the following minimum specifications:

    • Pentium  Processor 166 |Mhz.
    • 128 |Mb of RAM.
    • 60 Mb of free space on the hard drive.
    • VGA screen or better.
    • Standard 101/102 keyboard.
  • Necessary software:
    • Java Virtual Machine: This is a software application that must be installed on your computer to be able to access the RED Direct service. This software is freeware and can be downloaded over the internet.
    • Acrobat Reader: This is a tool needed to view, search and print, in the same format as the original, files in *. pdf format, used worldwide for distributing electronic documents. This is software provided by ADOBE free of charge that the TGSS provides access to on its website.
    • Internet connection: It is recommended that you use an ADSL internet connection.
    • A Digital certificate issued for Social Security procedures (List of accepted digital certificates).

Can I access it from any location?

You can access the service from anywhere, all you need is a PC with an internet connection and a digital certificate.

Do you need a payroll program?

A payroll program is not required for RED Direct to work.

Do you need training to use RED Direct?

It is a simple tool that requires no special knowledge, only a bit of basic knowledge on how it works and the transactions it allows you to do.

There are help manuals in the RED Direct Documentation section. Furthermore, users have the support of the Administrative Offices of the Social Security to resolve any incidents or doubts, as well as that of the User Support Unit of the TGSS (901 50 20 50).

The TGSS also organises information and training courses for users. They are intended for users who will regularly use RED  Direct. They cover the areas of Contributions, Affiliation and Medical Certificates for |TD.
If you are interested in any of these courses, please contact the User Support Service (901 50 20 50).

Can you practise before using it for real?

We recommend that before you start using RED Direct for real, you perform a series of tests.
The tests can be done in both Affiliation and Contributions, but the process is different. In Affiliation there is the option to send information in practice mode, while having no actual impact on the TGSS databases. However, in Contributions there is no practice mode, so the user can practise by filling out a  TC2 in draft and performing the necessary tests, as they will not be vaild until the “Approval of the Contribution Payment Receipt”.

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