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Benefit for Co-responsible infant care


Benefit for co-responsible infant care

General Information


Financial benefit that tries to cover the loss of income that occurs with the reduction of the working day by half an hour, which is carried out with the same duration and regime by the two parents, adopters, guardians for the purpose of adoption or permanent foster care, when both work, for the care of the infant from the age of nine months to twelve months.


Workers in a situation of suspension of their employment contract who meet the requirements:

  • Are registered and affiliated.
  • Proof of the required contribution periods, depending on the age of the parents:
  • Being up to date on their contribution payments, if responsible for paying contributions.

More information on benefits and requirements


Benefit equivalent to 100% of the corresponding regulatory base , which will be established for the TD benefit arising from common contingencies, and proportional to the corresponding reduction in working hours.

This benefit is exempt from income tax (IRPF), except in the territory of Navarre.


It shall be paid for the duration of the suspension of the contract of both workers.

This benefit will expire when the minor is 12 months old.


Receipt of the benefit will be suspended during the period of suspension of the work contract for the birth and care of the child, and may be resumed until the child reaches 12 months of age, provided that the intention is to exercise both rights concurrently by the same parent.


Application form.


The following documentation must be submitted:

  • Original and valididentity document.
  • Family book or registration certificate of the child when this data is not automated in the Registry Office.
  • Certificate from the company of each of the parents stating: the start and end date of the worker's reduction in working hours provided for in the fourth paragraph of Article 37.4 of the ET, the indication of the number of normal working hours per week, and the percentage by which the reduction in working hours has been set.
Where to process it:

There are several options for submitting the application:

  • If you have a digital certificate or permanent Cl@ve, you can submit your application on the portal through our E-LOGICAL OFFICE.
  • If you cannot make the application with a digital certificate or permanent Cl@ve, you can do so on the services platform without a certificate at the E-Office.
  • In addition, if you do not have internet means, you can send the application by ordinary post or go to a Social Security Attention and Information Centre.
Competent body:

The management and payment of the benefit is the responsibility of the Managing Body (INSS or ISM).

Other important information:

Company Certificate

Form of entitlement to the benefit

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