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Benefit for Risk During Pregnancy


General Information


The economic benefit is intended to cover the loss of income that occurs, during a period of suspension of the work contract due to risk during pregnancy, if the worker is required to change her job or activity for another that is compatible with her condition  and this is technically or objectively impossible or cannot be required for justifiable reasons.


Workers who are employed by another person or are self-employed whose work contract has been suspended or who are interrupting their professional activities because of risk during pregnancy, and who fulfil these requirements:

  • Are registered with the Social Security and affiliated.
  • Being up-to-date with the payments of the contributions that they are directly responsible for.

More information on benefits and requirements


An award equivalent to 100% of the corresponding regulating base,  which is the base for benefits given for  TD  due to professional contingencies.

When payment is made, the amounts for Social Security contributions and  withholdings for IRPF will be deducted.

More information on amounts





The entitlement to the benefit comes into effect on the day of suspension of the employment contract or authorised leave due to risk during pregnancy. The benefit will be paid for the time required to safeguard the health of the pregnant worker and/or unborn child and will end on the day before the start of maternity leave or returning to work.

The entitlement expires for:

  • Workers employed by another person: For suspension of the employment contract for maternity; due to returning to the previous job or another job compatible with their situation; due to termination of the employment contract for legal reasons; due to abortion or miscarriage; due to death.
  • Self-employed workers: Due to commencement of maternity leave; due to returning to their profesional activity; due to withdrawal from the Social  Security  Special  Scheme; due to abortion or miscarriage; due to death.

Cancellation / Suspension:

  • Acting fraudulently in order to obtain or keep a benefit.
  • Carrying out any work or activity, whether as an employee or self-employed worker, except in cases of multiple activity.

Application form.


The documents  needed to prove identity and the circumstances that determine the right.

Where to process it:

The application and documentation should be handed in at any of the Social Security Support and Information Centres  of the managing Body or, where appropriate, at the Social Security Mutual Society partner.
Competent body:

The management and payment of the benefit are the responsibility of the Provincial Directorate of the managing Body (INSS or ISM) , in the province where the interested party lives, or theSocial Security Mutual Society partner  , depending on which Body covers the worker's professional risks.


The provincial Director of the managing Body in the province where the interested party resides will issue an expressdecision and notify the interested party within 30 days.

The entitlement to the benefit expires 5 years from the day after the date of the triggering event, notwithstanding the fact that the effects came into force within the 3 months prior to the application date .

More information on deadlines

Other important information:



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