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School Injury Benefits

Student who suffer injuries will be eligible for the following benefits: 

Medical Care and Pharmaceutical Assistance

  • Duration:
    • From the moment of the injury to the date of the medical release and disability declaration, if the injury results in absolute permanent disability or serious invalidity.
    • From the moment of the injury until fit to return to education, within a maximum period of one year, if the injury results in temporary disability.
  • Selection of doctor and health centre:
    • The student is paid for all expenses caused by the injury if there are no State or collaborating doctors or clinics.
    • In cases of duly justified emergency care in which the student has gone to private, non-State centres, either because the student is unable to select the medical centre or because of the distance to the State centre, the student is paid for all expenses incurred.
    • Travel expenses are paid only in cases of life-threatening emergencies. 
  • Pharmaceutical benefits are free of charge.
  • Health care includes, as appropriate:
    • Hospitalisation and surgery.
    • Supply and replacement of prosthetic and orthopaedic devices required.
    • Rehabilitation treatment required for recovery.
    • Medical examinations required for diagnosis or treatment.

    Disability Compensation and Benefits

    • If the injury results in permanent and complete disability, compensation of between 150.25 euros  and 601.01 euros is paid for studies already started and is proportionate to the amount of study time already completed and the reduction of the subsequent capacity for professional activity.
    • If the injury leads to serious invalidity with the student unable to perform the most basic acts of life, a lifetime pension of 144.24 euros is paid annually for studies.

    Bereavement Compensation

    • If the injury results in death, 30.05 euros will be paid to family members for burial expenses.
    • If the injury was sustained somewhere other than in the family home, these expenses range between 30.05 and 120.20 euros.
    • If the deceased student had a dependent spouse, children, direct relatives over the age of 65 or is unfit for any type of work, or minor or disabled siblings, they will receive an additional sum of 300.51 euros.


     Actions for claiming benefits derived from school injuries apply to the year in which they occur.
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