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WARNING: The death and survival benefits from the SOVI do not include the orphanage pension, the family members pension, nor the death grant.


In general, the beneficiary must have no other rights to other pensions in Social Security system schemes or in occupational sectors pending inclusion in the system.

The specific requirements, depending on each case, are:

1. SOVI pensioner, deceased prior to 1-1-67:

  • For the person to whom the right is granted: to have deceased since 1-1-56.
  • For the applicant:
    • Aged 65 on the date of death of the person to whom the right is granted or completely disabled for all work. However, if on that date the applicant had not reached the age of 65, but was over 50, he or she would retain the right to the pension upon reaching the age of 65.
    • No rights to a pension for ageing or invalidity from the SOVI.

    • Married to the person to whom the right is granted for at least 10 years prior to death.

    2. SOVI pensioner deceased after 31-12-66:

    When the death of the pensioner is after 1-1-67, the applicant must meet the same requirements as those established to receive the widowhood pension in the General Scheme.

    3. Non-SOVI Pensioner to whom the right is awarded:

    • For the person to whom the right is granted:
      • Death as of 1-1-56.

      • Affiliation in the Required Workers Pension or certification of 1,800 days of contributions to the SOVI prior to 1-1-67.

      • For the applicant:

        Must meet the same requirements as those established for pensioners who died prior to 1-1-67.

      Content and amount

      The benefit consists of a monthly allowance:

      • Single.

      • Lifetime.

      • Fixed amount. From 01-01-2024, this amount is 528.50 euros a month (14 payments).

      Economic Conditions

      • Non-pensioner originator:
        The right to the pension is born on the day following that on which the causal event takes place, but it is made effective as of the first day of the month following that of the death, if the application is presented within one year immediately following it. If it is presented later, it is backdated one year from the date of the application.
      • Pensioner originator:
        Identical effects to those stated, although, the backdating period is reduced in this case to three months.


      • It does not expire when the death of the originator or reaching 65 years of age by the surviving spouse has occurred as of 22-6-67.
      • In the other cases, the expiry period is five years from the death of the originator or from the 65th birthday of the surviving spouse.

      Applications and documentation

      • The applicant's National Identity Card.
      • The applicant's Tax Identity Card.
      • Death Certificate.
      • Updated Family Book or, if this were the case, marriage certificate.
      • Only under the following circumstances:
        • if separated or divorced, court sentence of the separation or divorce.
        • If there were more than one beneficiary called to enjoy the widowhood pension, statement of cohabitation.
      • This documentation can be presented at any of the Attention and Information Centres of the Social Security.
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