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Cuantía / Abono


In cases where just  one person  is the benefit beneficiary.

  1. The amount of this benefit shall be 70% of their regulatory base, provided that the following requirement is met: that the income of the cohabiting family unit, including orphaned persons, divided by the number of members that compose it, do not exceed 75% of the Interprofessional Minimum Wage in force at each moment, when calculated on an annual basis, excluding the proportional share of the extraordinary pay. 

  2. If the above requirement is not met, the amount of the benefit shall be 20% of the regulatory base.

In cases where there is more  than one beneficiary of the benefit.

Points (a) and (b) of the previous subparagraph shall apply and it shall also be recognised that, irrespective of the percentage applicable, the sum of the percentages of the beneficiaries may not exceed 118% of the regulatory base.

Where the sum of the percentages amounts to 118%, 118% of the minimum contribution base of all those existing at the time of the causal event shall be applied as a guarantee.

Where the sum of the percentages is lower than the 118% limit and, because the income limit is exceeded, the sum of the percentages is lower than the 118% limit, the amount of the minimum widowhood pension with dependents shall be applied as a guarantee.



The orphanhood allowance shall be paid, in 14 instalments, to those who are responsible for the beneficiaries according to the statutory ruling.

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