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  • Persons included in the General Scheme, who are affiliated and have active or assimilated contributor status , who meet the legally established requirements for age, minimum contribution period and causal event.

The following will be considered to be assimilated affiliated situations, for these purposes:

    • The legal state of unemployment, full and subsidised, and involuntary unemployment upon completion of the contributory or welfare benefits, as long as the person remains registered as unemployed at the employment office.
    • The situation of the worker during the period corresponding to paid annual holidays that were not taken before the contract ended.
    • Forced leave.
    • The period of time the worker remains on leave to care for a child, fostered  minor or other family members that exceeds what is considered as the effective contribution period in article 237 of the LGSS.  
    • Transfer of the employee by the company outside of Spain.
    • Non-working periods between seasonal jobs. 
    • Prison terms served as a result of the cases outlined in the Act 46/1977, of 15th October, on Amnesty, in the terms regulated by Law 18/1984, of 8th June.
    • Periods of receiving benefits equivalent to early retirement and benefits prior to ordinary retirement. 
    • The temporary disability situation that continues after the contract has expired.
    • The situation of maternity or paternity that continues after the employment contract has ended or that starts while receiving unemployment benefits.
    • In the case of artists and bullfighting professionals, the days considered as effective days of contribution in each calendar year in accordance with the regulations that govern their contributions. These do not correspond to days on which services were provided. The effective days of contribution will also serve to complete the minimum contribution period required to determine the percentage and calculate the regulatory base). 
    • In the case of workers affected by toxic shock syndrome who, as a result, stopped their job or professional activity and have not been able to resume it, and had active contributor status in one of the Social Security schemes, the assimilated contributor status will be understood to be assimilated to the regime which applied to the worker until stopping work,  and for common contingencies.
    • The period that the employment contract is suspended due to the worker's decision to stop working as a result of gender-based violence.
  • Workers who are affiliated in the Social Security System who, on the date of the causal event, do not have active contributor or assimilated contributor status, as long as they meet the established age and contribution requirements.
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