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Contributory Unemployment Benefits


General Information


An economic benefit granted to sea workers who  despite being able and willing to work are made unemployed; or have their working hours temporarily reduced, by at least a third, due to a labour force reduction plan, so long as their salary is reduced by the same proportion.


All employee workers, both those in salaried positions and those paid according to a quota system, who intend to pay contributions through the Unemployment contingency.

  • Affiliated to Social Security and currently inscribed or have a situation assimilated to inscription.
  • Be legally unemployed.
  • Confirm availability to actively seek employment and accept a suitable employment through signing up to the activity commitment.
  • Have paid contributions for a minimum period of 360 days during the previous six years prior to becoming legally unemployed or from the date that the obligation to pay contributions ended.
  • To have not reached the standard age of entitlement to a retirement pension.
  • 70% of the Base Pension for the first 180 days.
  • 50% of the Base Pension for the rest of the benefit payment period.

The amount of the benefit of the benefit payment can at no time be higher or lower than the established quantities.

Duration of the Benefit:

It is calculated on the basis of the period of employment during which contributions have been paid over the last six years.

Further information on the duration of benefit payments

Time period:

Start date of the right:

  • From the day after the worker became legally unemployed, with a deadline of 15 days for the submission of the application.
  • If the application is submitted late, the right to benefits begins on the date of the submission of the application.  The number of benefit payment days that will be lost will be calculated on the basis of the number of days between the deadline for the application's submission and the actual date of submission.
  • If paid annual leave has not be taken then the application should be made fifteen days after the conclusion of the entitled period of leave.
  • If there is a period covered by interim wages the right to benefits will begin at the end of this period.

In the  two latter cases the stated periods should be supported with a Company Certificate..

Further informationon application submission deadlines

  • Application for Unemployment Benefit using the standard form.
  • Supporting documents  to demonstrate being legally unemployed.
  • Identification of the applicant, spouse and children supported by the applicant and appearing in the application, accredited by original, valid documentation.
  • Identification of the children who are not resident in Spain and accreditation of their employment situation.
  • Any other applicant should, in accordance with the current legislation, state the  ISM   centre as necessary for the acknowledgement of the unemployment benefit in each specific case

Further information on documentation

Where to process it:

At the local  Social Marine Institute or online using the SEPE website, at the following address

Other information of interest:
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