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Special Schemes

The Special Schemes currently in force are set out below:

Special Scheme for Self-Employed Workers (RETA)

Generally includes workers over 18 years of age who, regularly, personally and directly perform an economic activity for profit without being subject to an employment contract, although they may use the remunerated service of other persons.

More specifically the following groups are included, among others:

  1. Spouse and family members of the employer up to the second degree, who have a position at their place of work and do not have salaried worker status, when they are living with and are financially dependent on said employer.
  2. Associates of general partnerships and general partners of special partnerships.
  3. Members of professional associations, except when they have the option to join an alternative mutual society.
  4. Members of associated work cooperatives if they choose to be part of the RETA.
  5. Members and board members of trading companies with direct or indirect control over the company.
  6. As a special scheme included in the RETA, self-employed agricultural workers, under the legally established terms.

Special Scheme for Sea Workers

It includes both employed and self-employed workers who carry out maritime fishing activities. Employed workers includes persons who carry out activities in the merchant navy, maritime fishing, extraction of other products from the sea, interior port traffic, sports and recreational craft and pilotage and port stevedores. Self-employed workers includes shipbuilders of small boats who work on-board, persons who work in the extraction of products from the sea and net-markers who do not work for a fishing company.

Special Scheme for Coal Mining

Established for employed workers who provide their service for companies that carry out activities related to coal mining: extraction in open-cast or underground mines, manufacture of agglomerates, production furnaces, river transport and others.

School Insurance

It includes persons under 28 years of age who are enrolled in the 3rd and 4th year of ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education), baccalaureates, intermediate and advanced level professional training courses, university studies, etc.

Finally, we make reference to the Special Scheme for Civil Servants, the Special Scheme for the Armed Forces and the Special Scheme for Members of the Legal Profession, which are governed by their specific laws.

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