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Applications for Affiliation and Termination of Affiliation. Location and Deadline

They can be processed by submitting the official form or using electronic media under the terms established by law.

Applications should be sent to the competent regional body of the General Treasury of the Social Security according to the address of the company or workplace of the self-employed worker, but they can also be submitted in the same places as those indicated for affiliation.

If the workers are included in the Social Security Special Scheme for Sea Workers, applications should be sent to the Provincial Directorate or Local Office of the corresponding Social Marine Institute.

Affiliations should be submitted by the individuals with the obligation to do so prior to the starting of work. Whereas, applications for termination of affiliation and change of details should be submitted within the subsequent six calendar days. This is valid for the General Scheme. In the Special Schemes there are different deadlines than those specified above.

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