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Affiliation Classes

Active Contributor Status

This takes place after having started work, thereby meeting the obligation to process the application for active contributor status.

Assimilated Contributor Status

This takes place under a range of circumstances that are stated in the regulations in which, during a temporary or definitive stoppage of work, the law considers that the active contributor status that existed before the stoppage should continue.

It must be taken into account that assimilated contributor status is not full active contributor status, but rather it is considered with regard to the stated contingencies, the scope and validity which are determined in each given case.

Examples of assimilated contributor status are in the event of: involuntary unemployment due to a temporary or definitive stoppage in work while receiving benefits, forced leave or leave taken to care for children, periods of inactivity for seasonal workers or having signed a special agreement.

Assumed contributor status or contributor status by operation of law

When the protected individual does not have active contributor status and in is an situation where they should have it, the law provides for assumed existence of active contributor status for certain contingencies such as: work-related injuries and occupational diseases, unemployment, and health care for common diseases, maternity, risk during pregnancy and non work-related injuries. The principle of automatic receipt of benefits is applied in these cases.

Special Contributor Status

This occurs in the event of strikes and lockouts, but in reality it is similar to assimilated contributor status.

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