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Methods of Completing Affiliation

There are three methods of carrying out affiliation:

  • Initiated by the Employer
  • Upon the request of the worker
  • Automatically, by the General Treasury of the Social Security

Affiliation Initiated by the Employer

The employer is the first person required to request affiliation with the system for non-affiliated persons who start working for them.

Non-fulfilment of this requirement, in addition to constituting a serious offence, determines the employer liability for the benefits, unless such non-fulfilment has been remedied through the other two methods of carrying out affiliation.

Affiliation upon the Request of the Worker

In the case of self-employed workers or assimilated self-employed workers it is they themselves who are required to carry out affiliation when they start working.

Likewise, in the event that the employer does not meet their obligation to affiliate its workers, they may request affiliation and initial active contributor status in the General Treasury of the Social Security at any time when said non-fulfilment becomes evident.

Automatic Affiliation

Affiliation can be carried out automatically by the General Treasury of the Social Security when it has evidence of the failure to apply for affiliation, whether it be through actions by the Inspectorate of Labour and Social Security, through the data on record in the Managing Bodies or through any other procedure.

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