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What does the Treasury do when it receives a request for Direct Debit?

For each TC2 document containing a Direct Debit application, the Treasury General of the Social Security calculates, using the list of workers and the information in the General Affiliation File, the appropriate  contributions (with a list of items on the TC1). This will be sent immediately as a technical receipt to the user for verification and then Financial Institution is informed so it can transfer the corresponding amount.

If there is any discrepancy in the technical receipt, as long as it is before the 18th of the month of submission, the user must contact the Telephone Support Service of the TGSS (on the telephone number 901 50 20 50) to process the incident and cancel the direct debit.

After the end of the presentation period for requests for direct deposit, the user is sent a Contribution Payment Receipt. This form contains all the items related to the payment of contributions and is the receipt accepting the request for direct deposit. The document will be authenticated with a digital stamp.

Example of Contribution Payment Receipt, Direct Debit.

The Contribution Payment Receipt does not imply that the contributions have been paid unless it is accompanied by the corresponding payment receipt from the Financial Institution ("Direct Debit").

From this date to the last working day of the month, it is possible to cancel the direct debit by contacting the bank directly.

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