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Medical Assistance

The general procedure is presented below.

What is Social Security Medical Assistance?

The medical assistance benefit guarantees access to the medical and pharmaceutical services of the National Health System necessary to maintain and restore health.

The right to health protection and health care is enjoyed by all persons who:

  • Have Spanish nationality and habitual residence in Spanish territory.
  • Have a recognised right to medical assistance in Spain by any other legal means, even if they do not have their habitual residence in Spanish territory, provided that there is no third party obliged to pay for such care.
  • Foreigners who are legally and habitually resident in Spain and who are not obliged to provide proof of compulsory health care coverage by any other means.

What formalities are necessary to be entitled to receive medical assistance?

  When applying for affiliation or a pension or any other regular  Social Security Benefit,  the insured person can formalise the document acknowledging their right to receive medical assistance for their beneficiaries.

You can carry out this procedure through the Social Security Electronic Office (, ordinary post or at a Social Security Assistance and Information Centre, requesting an appointment by calling 901 10 65 70/ 91 541 25 30 or on the web at

Where is the health card processed?

The document acknowledging the right to receive medical assistance is used to apply for the health card in the respective healthcare centre.

The medical assistance centre will process the issuing of the individual health card for the insured person and for each beneficiary and send them to their home address.

Who acknowledges the right to receive medical assistance?

The National Social Security Institute or Social Marine Institute, as may apply, are authorised to acknowledge the right to receive medical assistance.

When does the right to receive medical assistance expire?

  • Cases in which an insured person no longer meets the required conditions to receive coverage or to benefit from the right.
  • Due to death.
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