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Social Marine Institute (ISM)

C/ Génova, 24 - 28004 - MADRID.

Telephone: 91 700 66 00.

What is the Social Marine Institute?

The Social Marine Institute is a public body with its own legal personality that operates at national level under the management and auspices of the Ministry for Inclusion, Social Security and  Migration, attached to the State Secretariat for Social Security and Pensions.

What are its powers?

  • Managing, administering and recognising entitlement to benefits in the Special Social Security Scheme for Sea Workers.

  • In cooperation with the General Treasury, registering companies, registering, affiliating and terminating workers, collecting and controlling contributions. 

  • Health care for sea workers and recipients of this form of health care nationally. - Healthcare for sea workers on board ship and abroad, using its own means, such as the Radio-Medical Centre, Data Banks, Overseas Centres, Health Ships and other means that could be implemented, or arranging for the evacuation or repatriation of sick and injured workers. 

  • Health information for sea workers, education and distributing the On-Board Health Guide, carrying out medical examinations prior to embarkation, inspecting and controlling health and hygiene on board ship, and any other duties in preventive medicine and health education that are assigned to it. 

  • Providing and promoting occupational training for sea workers and attending to their welfare on board and in port (at home and abroad) and that of their families, in accordance with Recommendation 138 of the International Labour Organization.

  • In accordance with Agreement no. 9 of the International Labour Organization and, with the cooperation of the Employment Institute, Public Service of State Employment, promoting the actions that are within its jurisdiction relating to sea workers, both in processing their unemployment benefits and in finding them employment.

  • Carrying out studies, reporting on or proposing projects for regulations or programmes and taking part in arranging international agreements that affect the sea-going and fishing sector.

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