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Introduction to the Web Site

The Social Security web site has the following features:

  • The structure of the content and the navigation system guarantee users accessibility and ease of use.
  • It allows access to content that can be reached by various routes.
  • A large part of the information is grouped and oriented to different groups of users, for example, workers, pensioners and employers. workers, pensioners and employers.
  • Every page shows the route that the user has taken to get there (breadcrumbs).
  • The content is translated into various languages (English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque and Valencian) and it can be accessed by selecting any of the options on the drop-down menu located in the top right-hand corner of the website.

Web Site Structure


This graphic shows the main page of the Social Security web site, which is divided into the five parts described below.

[1] Header: comprising: the logo of the Ministry of Employment and Social Security, which links to the Website of the Ministry of Employment and Social Security; different options to provide help in navigating the Website; a link to the “Language Information” content; a drop-down menu to select the navigation language and a search feature.

[2] Top navigation Menu: with direct links to different sections.

[3] Access to information for three user profiles: Workers, Pensioners and Employers.

[4] Central Panel with tabs: “News”, “Useful Information” and “Most visited”.

[5] Right Sidebar: with highlighted icons and the “One click Away” section.

[6] Highlighted Icons: with direct access to the Social Security Magazines.

[7] Icons of institutions: icons of institutions are displayed, with direct access to the institution website.

[8] Footer: designed as an interactive area, including the Website's Legal Notice, the link to subscribe to RSS feeds and the different accessibility logos.

Main sections

  • Simple search engine and advanced search engine: with a multi-language option.
  • Website Map: shows the layout of the site content.
  • FAQs and Queries: sections for finding answers or asking questions about the Site’s content.
  • Working Calendar: shows the national, autonomous community and local public holidays for the current year.
  • Addresses and telephone: shows the contact information (telephone number, address and street map) for the various parts of the Social Security (administrative offices, executive collection units, registration offices, |etc.).
  • Most visited: shows the contents on the Site that have been viewed most often.
  • One click away: Area containing links to content located in the e-Office (Appointments for pensions and benefits, Contracting party Profile and European health Card) or to content and services located on the Website.
  • Related information on inner pages: shows links that allow access to pages with content that may be of interest.

Also, there are specific sections that enable users to carry out Social Security processes and procedures, so that they do not have to travel to an office in person:

Complementary Content