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Medical Radio Centre

Located at the Central Services of the Social Marine Institute (ISM) in Madrid, there are medical personnel permanently on-site providing cover 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, to all on-board sea workers requesting medical advice, irrespective of the shipping area or fishing ground where the ships are located. Their mission is to provide medical advice in response to the consultations made by the on-board health managers, in order to provide the best possible health care to ill or injured crew members using the resources available on-board, as well as to inform them, where necessary, of the most suitable port for the ship to go to if the patient requires land-based medical attention.

Radio-assisted medical consultations are provided free-of-charge to any fleet requesting the service, regardless of the nationality of either the ship or the patient that requires medical attention.

The Radio Medical Centre is connected to the National Sea Rescue Coordination Centre of the State Sea Rescue Association, for when, at any given time, the involvement of resources such as helicopters, lifeboats, |etcis required to evacuate ill or injured persons.

In order to facilitate medical consultation and the subsequent treatment, ships are required, in accordance with international regulations and as stated in first aid section, to have one or more first-aid kit(s) on-board, the pharmaceutical contents of which may vary depending on the type of ship and its activity.

Likewise, the On-Board Health Guide is an essential element when making radio-assisted medical consultations.

The work of the Radio Medical Centre is not complete until the patient is discharged or, where appropriate, admitted into a land-based medical centre. It is the focal point that coordinates the health care model that the ISM provides to sea workers and has the capability to mobilise the various operative units from the Maritime Health Programme, when this coordination is necessary.

The methods for communicating with the Radio Medical Centre are the following:

  • Radiotelephony:
    • Short Wave through Pozuelo del Rey.
    • Medium Wave through Costeras Nacionales (National Coastal Services).
  • Direct connection:
    • Telephone: 00 34 91 310 34 75.
    • Fax: 00 34 91 308 33 02.
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