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Each of the children of the deceased, whatever the nature of their parentage (naturally or by adoption), when:

  • The death occurred because of violence against women, in terms defined by law or by international instruments ratified by Spain.
  • In circumstances comparable to absolute orphanhood:

    • The father of the orphans is responsible for the death of the woman.
    • The woman's death is caused by a third party and the deceased was the surviving parent, the only known parent, or abandonment by the other parent is demonstrated.
  • The necessary requirements to cause an orphan's pension are not met.
  • Legally residing in Spain. The deceased mother is not required to reside in Spain.


  • Under 21 years of age or of legal age but have a reduced capacity for work evaluated at a level of permanent, total disablement or severe disability.      

  • The child is over 21 years of age and under 25, provided that on the date of the death of the originator they were under 25 years of age and were not working as an employee or self-employed person, or that when they were working as an employee or self-employed person, the income they earned was less than the amount in force for the Interprofessional Minimum Wage, also calculated on an annual basis, including two special payments.

If the orphan is studying and reaches the age of 25 during the academic year, they will continue to receive the orphan's pension until the first day of the month immediately following the beginning of the next academic year.

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