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In general, the effective dates for affiliations are:

  • Affiliations presented prior to providing the services will only be effective, in regards to the rights and responsibilities inherent to the situation, from the day on which the activity begins.

  • Affiliations submitted outside the deadline will only take effect from the day on which the application was submitted, except when the payments were made within the regulatory period, in which case the affiliation is retroactive to the date on which the first payments were made in favour of the corresponding worker.

  • Affiliations made by the Provincial Departments of the Social Security Treasury General or its administration offices are retroactive to the date on which the events that caused it are made known.

In general, the effective dates for terminations are:

  • Termination of worker affiliation comes into effect from the moment that providing services as an employee, working as a self-employed worker or, where appropriate, the situation determining affiliation in the corresponding Scheme, comes to an end.

  • The worker application for termination of affiliation will end the obligation to make contributions as from the date work ceases.

  • If the termination application is submitted outside the deadline, the obligation to pay contribution ceases on the day on which the Social Security Treasury General is notified of the employment termination, both in the case of employment by another person and self-employment.

  • When the General Treasury of the Social Security makes an automatic termination of affiliation, the obligation to make contributions expires on the day the inspection took place, or the data or documents providing proof that the work ended have been received.

  • Regardless of the indications in previous sections, interested parties may prove, by any means recognised by law, that the activity did not begin on the date notified when applying for affiliation, or that the activity, the services provided or any similar situation was terminated on another date, with respect to the suspension of the obligation to make contributions, without prejudice, as appropriate, of the conditions that must occur in relation to both the reimbursement of the payments that were unnecessarily made and to the return of the benefits that were unduly received, unless, due to expiry, neither the reimbursement nor the return are required.
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