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Special agreement for repatriated spanish emigrants and their children

Please follow the link to the Processes and Procedures section to see a simplified version.

Who can sign it?

Spanish emigrants and their children who have Spanish nationality, whatever country they have worked in, at the time of their return to Spanish territory, as long as they have not been compulsorily included in any public social protection regime in Spain.

Application filing and deadline

Applications can be submitted (on form TA-0040) at any time after the return date , without any applicable deadline, at the Provincial Directorateor Administrative Office of the General Treasury of the Social Security corresponding to the address of their fixed place of residence. 


  The return to Spanish territory must be accredited by means of a certificate issued by the Government Delegation or Sub-delegation of the province where the interested party resides. 


It takes effect from the first day of the month following the date on which the application is presented.

Causes for termination

  • Failure to make the payments corresponding to three consecutive or five alternative months.
  • When the interested party is included within the field of application of any Social Security Scheme.
  • Acquiring the status of pensioner due to retirement or permanent disability.
  • Decision by the interested party notified in writing to the Social Security Treasury General.
  • Death of the interested party.


Payments shall be made within the month following the month of accrual. The applicable contribution basis shall be the minimum basis that, at any time, corresponds to General Regime for workers over 18 years of age. The contribution rate in effect under said Regime shall be applied thereto and the coefficient specified to this end shall be applied to the result, with the result thereof constituting the payment due.


This agreement is regulated by article 15 of Order TAS 2865/2003, of 13 October.

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