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Special agreement for workers who cease providing services or performing activities

Please follow the link to the Processes and Procedures section to see a simplified version.

Who may apply?

This special agreement may be subscribed to by workers or assimilated workers who provide services to two or more employers in a situation of multi-employment, whether hired full-time or part-time, and whether or not they are receiving the unemployment benefit or subsidy, when any or all of their employment contracts are terminated or when working in a multi-activity situation and they cease any or all of the activities that gave rise to mandatory inclusion in two or more Social Security System schemes, either simultaneously or successively.

A special agreement may be reached to maintain the same contribution bases as those in the multi-employment or multi-activity situation.

Application Method and Deadline

The application (form TA-0040) must be submitted to the Provincial Department of the Social Security Treasury Office or its Administration within 90 natural days of the originating date or at any time.

Protective Action

The purpose of the special agreement is to provide coverage for all of the protective action in the scheme or schemes in which the agreement is reached.


The worker or assimilated worker must have been on active contributor status for two or more employers, or simultaneously on active contributor status in two or more schemes, and have terminated one or all activities, simultaneously or successively.

A specific exclusion period in multi-employment or multi-activity of 1,080 days is required in the respective multi-employment or multi-activity situation.

Effective dates

The presentation date of the application or the date of the situation determined by the special agreement when the application is submitted within 90 days following the date of the situation.

Causes for Termination

- Due to the interested party entering into the situation of retirement or permanent disability pensioner.

- Due to failure to make three consecutive or five alternative monthly payments.

- Due to death of the interested party.

- Due to a decision by the interested party, duly notified to the Social Security Treasury Office.


- Workers or assimilated workers may subscribe to this special agreement with the exception that contribution bases cannot exceed the difference between the contribution basis corresponding to their new activity and the average of the contribution bases during the 12 months prior to termination.

- If the termination is from all activities, the bases will consist of the sum of the contribution bases of the month prior to subscribing to the agreement, limited to the absolute maximum.

- In the event of continuing one or more of the activities, the basis will consist of the difference between the new distribution of the bases, if the new basis is less than the one prior to subscribing to the agreement.

- The only requirement is that the contribution basis does not exceed the maximum for the scheme.

- The deadline for making the payments is the month following the one in which payment is made.


This special agreement is regulated by article 23 of Order TAS/2865/2003, of 13 October and by the general regulations for anything not included in the Order.

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